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Espadana Chemical Protection Company with the brand name of Kian Matin Kontrol (CMC) started its activities in 2008 with the aim of producing and supplying chemicals that optimize industrial water, as well as designing and implementing water and wastewater treatment projects. New and up-to-date formulations such as CHEMIC Italy and using the factory space with an area of ​​5000 meters, as well as experts and manpower Zabreh has produced chemicals and provided technical services for its products to industries across the country.

One of the most important goals of the company is customer satisfaction, reducing costs related to water and energy and extending the life of related equipment and facilities.
In this regard, the company, in addition to providing chemicals suitable for any industry and by performing accurate chemical and microbial tests in its laboratory, provides the most services, including regular visits of company experts to factories,
Providing microbial and chemical test kits, providing corrosion and sedimentation loops, holding classes and workshops, as well as providing scientific seminars in order to scientifically promote the industry and customer satisfaction.

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